Our Values

Our Values

Respect. Transparency. A lot of heart! These values represent what we are. Our work method is based on a series of levels of action and on an accurate evaluation system, inspired by the Kaisen formula. Our methodical process increases our ability to identify, prevent and correct the errors. This is how we are able to provide a complete and personalized customer service.

Our simple values drive each member of our great ALBI’s family. They allow all of us to work in our specific field toward the same purpose: customer satisfaction. We progress thanks to our business philosophy. Additional training is provided to our team all year long according to each member’s speciality. Each member of our team develops new professional skills, while the quality of exceptional work is constantly improved for the next generation.

With the strength of our past and present successes, we, at ALBI le Géant, endeavour to undertake new projects and develop our full business potential. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to contribute to the economic development of the areas we choose for our business. All these projects have one thing in common: to serve you better.

In every ALBI le Géant’s dealership you will find the same transparent, respectful and friendly service! Our team’s dedication allows us to exceed your expectations. Either you want to make changes to your car, you visit us for the required maintenance or for major repairs, your car will always be delivered in perfect conditions and ready for the road.

Live the ALBI Nissan Vaudreuil’s difference now!

The ALBI Nissan Vaudreuil’s Difference

For the ALBI’s team members, every day is the perfect day to learn and innovate. Here at ALBI Nissan Vaudreuil, we are happy to receive you in the newest human scale dealership and to offer you a personalized and warm service. We are professionals driven by the customer service experience and by the car world. Come by and discover by yourself the ALBI Nissan Vaudreuil’s difference! Take a tour of our new cars showroom at your own pace and get straight and honest answers to all your questions related to the Nissan cars. Providing the best customer experience during each and every visit is our main goal.

Choosing the ALBI Nissan Vaudreuil’s team is getting the service that we would like to get. Find out more info on our flexible financing opportunities, as well as on our various models. The car you choose at ALBI is a reliable car that really suits your needs.

ALBI Auto Credit specializes in the best possible deals for its customers. More than that, we provide the best 2nd and 3rd chances to access a credit. Visit our Promotions or Financing pages. You will find all the details on the available financing and on our promotions.

Flexible schedule during the weekdays, personalized follow-up and a warm welcome: here’s the difference ALBI Nissan Vaudreuil will make in your life.

We’re hoping to see you here!